Unique Designs  WordPress Websites

As mentioned in my note on this page, it’s possible for somebody to design a website but not actually be able to build it. In fact, I’ve worked with many fantastic graphic designers over the years who’ve had a clear vision of how they want a website to look, but no ability to bring it to life.

With WordPress, it can be particularly challenging to take a unique design that doesn’t fit the mold of an existing “off the shelf” theme or template and make it fully feature-compatible.

Thankfully I can take almost any website design you provide me with, no matter how bold and creative it is, and make it work. What’s more, I’ll ensure that it looks good and performs as expected on ALL devices, from desktops to laptops to tablets to phones.

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Custom-Coded WordPress / PHP Solutions

As a CMS (content management system), WordPress is capable of far more functionality “out of the box” than most people realize, in no small part thanks to a robust catalog of third-party plugins.

When there isn’t a plugin available for whatever it is you need your website to do, though, you’ll need somebody who can create a custom solution for you that will work effectively within the WordPress framework without disrupting the functionality that’s already in place.

WordPress operates using a language called PHP, which I’ve been coding extensively in for as long as it’s been around. This enables me to “lift up the hood” of a WordPress site, so to speak, and add unique functionality that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

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WordPress Project Planning & Consulting

If you’re not sure whether WordPress is right for your website, or if you’re already using WordPress and don’t feel as if you’re getting everything your business or organization needs from it, I can help.

To be clear, while WordPress is great solution for most, it isn’t the best fit for everybody. Sometimes, for instance, it’s “too much” solution for smaller businesses, who might be better served by a DIY option. And if, after having a conversation, I think this may be the case, then I’ll happily let you know.

If you do decide to move forward with WordPress or with an overhaul of your existing website, though, I’m ready to put my corporate project planning experience to use making the process a streamlined and painless one for you that will fit both your budget and your timeline.

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I am not (technically) a web designer.

I am a Web Developer.

What’s the difference? Well …

Web design is a visual task that’s generally carried out by a graphic designer, who creates the look and feel of a website — the layout, the colors, the branding, and sometimes even the usability.

Web development is much broader than this. Because once the “face” of a website has been designed, somebody needs to make it a real thing. Somebody needs to turn the designer’s form into function.

If you think of a web designer as the architect of a house, then the web developer would be the master contractor whose job it is bring on as many subcontractors as needed to make that house a reality.

That master contractor is me.

Only instead of hiring and managing the efforts of carpenters, plumbers, and electricians, I’ll either do the work myself or subcontract professionals like graphic designers, coders, and content creators.

In the end, I’ll do whatever it takes to bring to life a custom-designed website that will best serve the goals of your business or organization.

Other Related Services

  • WordPress website rebuilds
  • WordPress website optimization
  • Conversion from non-WP Platform to WordPress (while maintaining the same basic visual layout)
  • E-Commerce integration & configuration
  • Social media integration
  • Email marketing integration & configuration
  • Assessment and remediation of WordPress technical issues (faulty design templates, malfunctioning plugins, slow load times, etc.)

Is there something else related to WordPress that you’re not seeing on this page? If so, drop me a line to discuss whether it’s something I can help you with. If not, I’m happy to help you find somebody who can.

I also offer some non-WordPress services, like marketing consultation and strategizing, copywriting, and storytelling, either in conjunction with or independent of WordPress-related projects.